Talk about it

Sharing your feelings with friends and family can really help to lighten the load. Sometimes they may even help you to find a solution.

Meanwhile, talking therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which shows you how to think in a more positive way, can also help. CBT is available in most areas on the NHS. An alternative is computerised cognitive therapy, which research now shows can be just as effective as face- to-face treatment. Joining a group is another option. It can introduce you to people who are going through the same things as you and can provide great support. Your GP should know what is available in your area.

Amelia explains the importance of sharing your feeling with others.

'Depression can make you feel very alone and talking with others can really help relieve the isolation. Remember you probably look completely fine on the outside despite what you may feel on the inside - if you let people in then they can help you. If you don't have a family or friend member you can talk to find a local or on-line self-help group or expert patient service.'

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